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ProAutoSurf - Up to 5,000 hits a day!
« on: May 10, 2011, 12:00:19 PM »
Welcome to ProAutoSurf Auto & Manual Traffic Exchange!
Our traffic exchange is made to bring more visitors to your website, blogs, referral links, products and more, which in return will give you higher rank, search engine standing and the possibility to make sales.

How does our traffic exchange work and what can it do for you and your site?

People from around the world view your page in order to get views to their page in return, as well as some cash. Members can get paid to auto surf, manual surf, click ads, promote the site, refer members and more. We do not regulate what you can promote, as long as it does not contain frame-breakers, re-directs, pop-ups or illegal materials. We constantly get rid of the bad sites, to keep you safely surfing on a daily basis. We even pay our members 100 auto credits for each site they report that leads to a suspension as a reward for our community to help us out.

View the details about our program below, and join us, it's free. Start earning website traffic and cash today.

Auto Surf
Get paid to auto surf 2 cents per 1,000 surfs, once every 24 hours.
10 Second Auto Surf
2 Views to your site for every 5 pages you surf.
Win random bonus surfing credits
Sell excess credits back to the system

Manual Surf
Get paid to manual surf 3 cents per 150 surfs, once per 1 hour.
7 Second Manual Surf
1 View to your site for every 1 page you surf.
Win random bonus surfing credits
Sell excess credits back to the system

Refer members to us
1% commissions of all purchases your downline makes through our site.
200 Bonus credits per sign up.
Earn 0.05 credits per surf they make for lifetime.
Earn on 10 levels!!! Example) Your referral, refers someone, they refer someone, so on so on and you earn from all of them!
Earn 1 visitor credit per 1 visit you send to our site. These credits can be traded for other types of advertising we offer, see below.

Key Program Features
AlertPay & Paypal Payouts! 2.00$ Minimum Payout, very easy to reach!
All the credits you earn in our site can be traded for other types of advertising we offer, see below for more information.
No limits to how much you can earn, besides the 24 hour wait between auto surf bonuses and 1 hour wait for manual surfing.
Get around 5,000 hits to each url daily, if you have enough credits.
Regular contests for account cash and sometimes paypal or alertpay cash bonuses.

Upgraded Membership Benefits
Earn up to 15 cents to auto surf 1,000 pages, once every 24 hours.
Earn up to 10 cents to manual surf 200 pages, once every 1 hour.
Up to 300 bonus credits per sign up
Up to 0.3 credits per surf from your downline
Up to 8% commissions on your downlines purchases through our site!!!
As low as 9 cents auto surf timer
As low as 6 second manual surf timer
Get FREE RANDOM REFERRALS as members join the site without a referrer, they are assigned an upgraded member.
Free bonus credits every month you subscribe
Extra account cash with upgrades (can be used towards next month's bill)
See the full membership benefits page here

Sign Up Bonuses
2,000 Free auto surf credits to sign up and surf 100 auto pages.
250 Free manual surf credits to sign up and surf 100 manual pages.
It's free to sign up and the minimum cash out is only 2.00$! Sign up now and get yourself some free website traffic and extra cash!
Sign Up Here FREE

Advertise With Us
Types of advertising we offer:
Auto Surf Views - Members automatically surf your website to get web traffic to their website in return.
Manual Surf Views - Members manually surf your website to send traffic to their site in return.
Paid to Click Advertisements - Members get paid to click your ad either cash or credits.
Banner Advertising - Appears on main page, member page, and surf bar.
Text Advertising - Appears on all the pages of the index of the site, and all the page of member home area.
Mini Text Ads - Appears on the surf bar near your credits.
Featured Ads - Appears on the main page of the site above all the stats.
Email Marketing - Newsletter ads available across up to 3 gpt networks (contact us via email to order)

We offer advertising as low as 5 cents per 1,000 visits to your site! Advertising doesn't get more affordable then that for sure!
Banner & Text Ad impressions as low as 2.79$ per 1,000,000 impressions.
Repeat customers get bonus credits and/ account cash for being a dedicated customer.
Bulk pricing is available, contact us for inquiries.

Up to 5,000 hits to your site or referral link a day, provided you have enough credits!

Site currently has just over 10,000 members. Paid Auto & Manual Surf Paid to Post