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Basic Splash Page Coding
« on: September 06, 2017, 12:55:43 PM »
To add a splash page design to your Aurora script start by creating splash.php in your root directory. It does not have to be named splash.php - it can be anything you want but we will use splash.php for the example here.

Copy the following into the splash.php file...

Only registered users can see contents. Please click here to Register or Login.
Replace the title, meta description and meta keywords with your own information. Replace the placeholder image in the img tag with the link to your own image or style the page as desired. In the link replace DOMAIN.EXT with your domain.

To view your splash page as you design it simply visit http://www.your_domain.ext/splash.php

Once your page is to your liking it's time to give members access to the new promo tool... open up the members promotion page by going to root > members > banners.php
Under this line (or whatever you have that is similar)
<li>Referral Link - <input type='text' value='http://www.$settings[domain_name]/index.php?ref=$username'></li>
Add this line

<li>Splash Page: <a href='http://www.$settings[domain_name]/splash.php?ref=$username'  target='_blank'>http://www.$settings[domain_name]/splash.php?ref=$username</a></li>

and your members now have access to the splash page as well.

If you have decided to use a different file name simply update splash.php within the link you add to the banners.php page to reflect the custom page name.
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Re: Basic Splash Page Coding
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wonderful. thanks a lot.

lot that there will be more tutorial like this. i love to know more.  :)


Re: Basic Splash Page Coding
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Thanks Reba!


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