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« on: February 21, 2019, 08:04:36 PM »

I was using GoURL as a payment processor with earlier script versions, but it is not available with 2.8.5.  I used it at both of my sites and there was a seperate account for each site.

My question is :  Does anyone know how I can get access to the funds that are being held at GoUrl?  Each site has a balance of 0.005+ so the combined total would qualify for payment to me, but I just cannot see ANY way to get the funds released.

Any thoughts welcomed please.


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Hi peter

gourl is set to automatically send your payment to the external wallet you set via each button so the funds should have been automatically sent to your external crypto account, if you have any issues send me more details via auroracoderz portal ticket and i can check this more for you

We decided to unify crypto payment processors so we can focus support on one method only that's why we removed gourl all owners are advised to use coinpayments as their default bitcoin / altcoin processor


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Ticket opened with some screenshots.

The problem the auto-payments kick in when an account balance reaches 0.01 BTC. My two accounts BOTH have 0.005+ but I cannot find a way to combine them into one total amount.  As you will see from the screenshots, I have already received several payments from them.
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Re: GoURL - Important Update
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2019, 04:25:21 AM »
Hi Fellow Admins,

Just an update to my original post here.

I decided to contact GoURL and ask if there was any way that I could withdraw my funds. They replied within 24 hours saying that the ONLY way they process a MANUAL payment was if I CLOSED my account with them.

As their service is no longer integrated in the latest script versions, this was not a difficult choice to make, so I responded with a formal request to close my two accounts there.

I received Full payment within 48 hours.

This just a "Heads Up" for any other Admins that might have funds at GoURL.

I have also CLOSED the AC Support Ticket that was opened.



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Thanks for the info


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