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Aurora Cron Jobs
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:53:23 AM »
***The below information does not apply to Aurora Coderz Deluxe scripts, please see your built in cron jobs page in admin to find out the cron jobs to set for your website.***

Cron jobs control your sites daily, weekly, and monthly functions as well as do things such as send new ad alerts and paid emails. If your script provider has failed to set up your cron jobs your ads will not reset, your contests will not end, your timed suspensions will not unsuspend etc.

In general you will need to be sure the following crons are in place:

/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null 30 0 * * *
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null 0 0 * * 6
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null 0 0 1 * *
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null 5 0 */2 * *
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null */10 * * * *
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null */5 * * * *

For older versions of aurora scripts only
/usr/bin/curl --silent 2 > /dev/null  */15 * * * *

Your cron password is set in admin under site settings, you should choose a unique password to set to your crons. Your admin panel will most likely say “Don’t Edit!” next to the cron password but what it should rightly say is “Don’t edit without updating your cron jobs in your hosting panel”. If your site came with the cron jobs set up you can still update your cron jobs to read the new password, simply find them in your hosting panel and make sure the password behind the ‘pwd=’ in the command is the EXACT same as the password in your admin panel, it is case sensitive.

Replace with your domain, password should be replaced with your password.  If you are running MRV7.x or later your crons will be different, you should contact directly to fix them.

If your website was offline during normal run time for any given cron you will have to manually run the cron by going to the URL ( in your browser. You can check if your cron ran in site logs most often found under tools > logging. If you must manually run the cron you will see nothing but a blank white page when it is done loading, do not reload or refresh, exit and check your site logs to verify it ran.

Not sure about which cron jobs you need to have running? Check your script for the pages listed or ask your reseller to set them up for you.


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