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AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2 Change Log
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:04:57 AM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.8
- Added setting to check the ip on servers using nginx with cloudflare to fix double ips issue
- Fixed issue in referrals earnings not crediting correctly
- Updated bitcoin payment processor guides links in admin panel under each processor

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.7
- Fixed forum paid to post feature not crediting correctly
- fixed special characters not showing correctly in forum
- All url and links placed in forum are now clickable and linking to outside site in new tab by default

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.6
- Fixed errors in ptp allow list
- Fixed errors in blocklist

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.5
- PTCWall postback ips updated
- Fixed issue in click exchange xstages notifications
- Fixed issue in ptsu ads add credits
- Fixed issue in click and ticket contests not resetting correctly

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.4
- Fixed issue in upline earnings causing page not to load on some servers
- Fixed issue in users credits on large purchases
- Optimized crons to decrease server load
- Fixed issue in traffic exchange daily clicks not resetting correctly

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.3
- Fixed issue with surf rewards when no prizes
- Database updated to resolve missing field issue

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.2
- Bugs fixes and security updates

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.1
- added completed offers count logs in offerwalls postbacks
- added bitcoin as a currency
- fixed some errors in products file
- fixed cron logs error and added option to run offerwalls cron from admin panel
- adjusted prices and support for balances to include bitcoin values
- fixed some errors in the forum

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2
- Integrated 8 offerwalls - PTC Wall, Clix Wall, Minute Staff, Coin Wall, Adscendmedia, Super Rewards, Wannads, and OfferToro
- Integrated Paxum payment processor.
- Integrated Bitcoin processor.
- Integrated cryptocurrencies processor.
- Integrated purchase balance.
- Integrated Payeer and advcash payment processors
- Integrated Solvemedia, included in join, login, and cheat check pages.
- Added purchase balance prizes to contests.
- Added purchase balance to signup and referrer bonuses.
- Added ability to limit pending requests to 1.
- Added minimum clicks to earn from refs with click amount set by membership status and membership level. Ability to set to clicks daily or x number of days.
- Added direct referral limitations set via membership status and membership level. Included direct ref count fix tool similar to the resturcture downline fix tool.
- Added login records with purge options.
- Added surfer rewards with multiple prize types per prize and reward logs. Users cash, purchase balance, and point rewards are recorded independently of reward logs.
- Added maintanence mode with basic template editor.
- Added ability to increase or decrease upgrade time in days via edit user.
- Added mass crediting feature in admin > manage ads > functions. Instantly adds credits to all running ads via username or ad type. Also includes function to extend all upgrades and/or timed ads by a set amount of days en masse.
- Added contest stats to member manager settings file.
- Added button to clear no winner logs from contest logs.
- Added Page Views under Site Functions > Stats - admin may now see what pages are being frequented by visitors and members. Tracks daily, monthly and lifetime views.
- Added About Us page editor in admin.
- Added Privacy Policy page editor in admin.
- Added dynamic stats banner.
- Added dynamic 'I have earned' banner.
- Added mass purge option for all ad types.
- Added ability to delete, warn, turn off cashout, clear balance or clean the fails in failed cheat check page.
- Added additional settings for featured banners.
- Added WYSIWYG editor in multiple pages.
- Updated point store entirely, added order ledger, included comments field for any data member may need to provide directly in the order form.
- Updated point store order admin email to be optional, simply leave email field blank to turn off the notification.
- Updated delete inactives page, admin may now correctly pull up stats for a defined number of days prior to deleting.
- Updated suspend inactives page, admin may now correctly pull up stats for a defined number of days prior to suspending.
- Updated warning system to include ability to archive or delete warnings directly in edit user page.
- Updated cheat check page design.
- Updated cheat check balance reduction to record the amount reduced in total as well as to keep the user balance from going negative.
- Updated admin cron instuctions page to include www in URLs.
- Updated Font Awesome to version 4.7
- Rebuilt edit user page, dynamic tabs now in place. If no orders / footprints / login records etc. exist for the account the tabs will not show up.
- Rebuilt templates page.
- Removed masspay bug fix setting, the fix is now non-optional.
- Combined assign_special and specials pages in admin, removed excess pages.
- Moved member manager settings file to includes folder.
- Fixed user account deletion bug, now properly records who is deleting the account (member or admin).
- Fixed multiple bugs in paid email files. Only active ads will now send and only upgraded members will receive ads targeted for upgraded members.
- Fixed misplaced div break in wizards/popups.
- Fixed bug in admin create member function.
- Fixed bug in ptsu manager making username open to wrong page.
- Fixed edit exchange site titles (admin).
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Re: AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2 Change Log
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 09:50:18 PM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.9 released with following changes

- Added few security updates
- Fixed login link in grid not carrying the url variables on clixgrid page
- Fixed issue in edit page when trying to editing a new page from admin panel
- Fixed issue in edit link in admin not carrying url variables
- Fixed issue in gourl api
- Fixed issue in featured link pricing when selecting highlight color and/or marquee


Re: AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2 Change Log
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2017, 08:19:53 PM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.10 released with following changes

- Added more stats to current upgrade benefits on memberships page
- Added more stats to members manager in admin panel
- Fixed issue in ptsu approved earnings not updating ptsu earnings records
- Fixed issue in referral earnings not updating referral earnings today records
- Fixed issue in count direct referrals tool crashing on sites with over 1000 members


Re: AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2 Change Log
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2017, 01:19:29 PM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.11 released with following changes

- Added Adscend Media new ip to the postback file allowed ips list
- Updated codes in store related files
- Fixed issue causing all domains in ptp allowed list to be deleted once a domain when deleting one domain


Re: AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2 Change Log
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2017, 10:33:47 AM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.12 released with following changes

- Fixed issue in posting links and banners in forum
- Fixed error in purchased referrals not assigned correctly
- Fixed dynamic banner stats not displaying correctly on some sites
- Fixed issue when trying to edit ptp allowed list not editing correct domain
- Updated cheat check page code


AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2.6 released Jun 17, 2018
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2018, 08:00:39 AM »

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6.3
- Added new offerwall Daily Survey Wall
- Fixed issue of activity bonus daily rewards limit not reseting correctly
- Updated ip2nation database in installer to latest version
- Updated few parts in script core to enhance offerwalls crediting

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6.2
- Added earn page manager, member earn page display and options now fully controlled via the admin panel
- Added option in admin panel to choose wether members area link will open in same tab or new tab
- Fixed issue in surf rewards game
- Fixed problem in faucethub payouts in admin panel
- Fixed display in account preferences based on settings (FaucetHub and Forum)
- Few internal codes enhancements
- Updated floating news code to be more enhanced and better positioned on all default templates
- Updated email ad manager in admin panel
- Updated popup ad manager in admin panel
- Updated admin checklist and admin homepage menu for new ad managers, removed old activation pages

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6.1
- Fixed issue in deleting some ads types in admin not redirecting correcly to original page after ad deleted
- Fixed issue in pending withdrawals pages causing some fields to give errors when arranged by it
- Added option for ptp to popup once per visitor

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6
- Script now supports self installs
- Script now supports 3 licensing systems, monthly, yearly and lifetime
- Script completely updated for php 7.2
- Added testimonials feature
- Added aurora coderz games starting with guessing game
- Added faucethub payouts section, Which allows owners to pay members via faucethub
- Added daily login bonus feature
- Added cashouts enhanced controlling system feature
- Added activity bonus feature
- Added testimonials feature
- Added bitcoin/altcoin payment processor
- Added completely new backup database system
- Added ad click wall to the supported built in offers
- Added offerwalls contest
- Added new member tools to reset inactive and suspended accounts
- Added new tier based ptp utilizing popup ad credits
- Added optional referral builder splash page
- Updated all default templates to show links according to admin preference and whether or not the item is enabled in admin
- Updated multiple internal pages codes
- Fixed all reported issues in previous versions
- Offerwalls postback system completely rewritten to optimize it's performance more and add more flexibility for future offerwalls integration


AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2.7 released Oct 18, 2018
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2018, 08:01:40 AM »
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.7
- Rotator and rotator contest added. *Paid Addon
- Added instant access addons - no more waiting for us to install
- Added 3 new offerwalls Plewall & Offers4all & Myadswall
- Added Admin faucet list
- Added memberships based ptc ads
- Added PTP contest
- Added balance manager - allows admin to add or detract from member cash and credit balances instantly
- Updated premium message to account for ad types availability
- Added access removal for banners, featured banners and featured ads so members can access their current ads regardless of product settings
- Added open modules page
- Fixed pricing issues affecting some products in store when customers proceed with orders
- Updated link tracker
- Updated admin surf reward page
- Updated exchange site manager in admin
- Updated internal code in preparation for the release of php 7.3
- Optimized and added member menu to all retract ad pages
- Optimized and added member menu to  all ad delete pages
- Optimized and added member menu to  all add credit pages


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