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Title: Add Promotional Banners
Post by: Reba on June 25, 2017, 02:46:35 AM
Adding banners to your AuroraGPT site is simple. First log in to your hosting panel, go to your file manager, go to public_html, open the members file and now the banners.php file with the code editor. Inside you’ll see something like this:


Now in this particular script we will want to upload our banners to the “banners” folder as that is the file path given here. Go back to public_html, find the banners folder and upload your images there. Now go back into the banners.php file and add or edit the lines in the $bannerslist. To add new banners copy the first line exactly, paste it below the first line and edit the banner1.jpg to the name of your new image. Notice how there is no comma after the last image (red arrow in image above), when you are done editing you should have no comma there either or your promotion page will give an error.

When deleting old banners on a running site you will want to leave an image with the same name in the banner folder to keep from having a bunch of dead images linked to your site wherever members may be using them to promote. So if the image you are deleting is old_banner.jpg and your new image is new_banner.png you will want to make a copy of the new banner and name it old_banner.jpg to automatically take over the deleted image even if you are no longer linking to it in the members promotion page.